Transport Manager (Haulage Company) – Coleshill

We have worked with Mainstay Recruitment as a supplier of LGV drivers since 2015. They have proven to be an excellent supplier and are now considered one of our preferred suppliers of agency staff.
Our account manager Tom Williams understands our operation and has a great relationship with our management team. During our busy periods Mainstay Recruitment can be trusted to adapt to our increase in requirements and have proven this over several years of supply.

They offer competitive costs and offer great value for money with the service we receive. I would recommend Mainstay Recruitment to any business looking for temporary or permanent LGV drivers.

White freight lorry driving down a road
Great reputation of supplying HGV drivers to haulage companies across the Midlands

Maintenance Manager – Telford

I appreciate the support I have been given by Mainstay Recruitment. They successfully recruited two Electrical Maintenance Engineers. They came to our site to meet with us and assess our requirement. I felt at ease working with them as they were knowledgeable but also listened to our particular needs. I would happily recommend them to any manufacturing business looking for maintenance Engineers.


Construction work in a tunnel
Recruiting Engineers across the UK.

Operations Manager (Haulage Company) – Birmingham

We have been working with Mainstay Recruitment since 2016 and they are now considered one of our preferred suppliers of agency drivers.

I had worked with the management team of Mainstay Recruitment previously through another company and was happy to give them an opportunity to supply us with drivers. They were introduced as a back up agency and initially only helped us when our main suppliers could not help us. It quickly became apparent that they were a good Driving agency with my team feeling confident with them as a company. They have knowledgeable consultants that understand our business and provide us with a consistently high level of service.

We now consider them a recruitment partner and feel comfortable discussing all aspects of driver management, recruitment and compliance with them.

We have now worked with them for 3 years and providing they maintain their high standards I have no reason to change. I would recommend Mainstay recruitment to any transport company that is having issues with agency staff and are looking for reliable supplier of LGV drivers.

Freight truck driving at sunset
Great name in the Driving recruitment sector

Mr Raza Khan – LGV C Driver

I’m a class 2 driver and have been working for Mainstay since October 2015. I’ve always had work and 98% of the time I’m at the same place of work as this helps me plan my day progressively. Mainstay has very good contracts and that’s why I’ve never had to join another agency.

The consultants are very helpful as I have referred many drivers to Mainstay and their feedback from the driver is always positive also they do appreciate the work you do for them as I get calls from them regularly to see if everything is going well. You will always be able to get hold of some regardless of the time.

I’ve had a few issues with pay however Mainstay have always resolved it with the following weeks pay. The pay issues are simply down to the client not uploading the correct hours however always have a copy of your clock card / time sheet to hand.

Unlike other employment agencies Mainstay will get you work and if you’re not happy with it they will support you and put something else your way. They understand everyone is not the same so therefore they have wide range of client network. The most important thing for me is the pay and the rates are very good especially if you’ve been with them as long as me.

White freight lorry driving down a road
Great reputation of supplying HGV drivers to haulage companies across the Midlands

Gheorghe Seuleanu – LGV C+E Driver

I have been working with Mainstay for about 4 years now and I have never had any problem. They offer jobs all year round, the staff are very nice and friendly and always do their best to help you sort out any issues. Good communication, well organized and timely payments. Highly recommended!

We have long term driver relationships. Looking for temporary or permanent driving work? Let us help.
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